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Mental Skills Coaching provides the tools to improve your attitude and mental game in order to perform at your best. The program works on identifying limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy about your sport.
Our goal is to address mental and emotional challenges that may be impacting a team, institution or individual, and improve the overall well-being, health, and more specifically the ability to perform at full potential. In today’s world athletes are faced with many pressures and therefore naturally face performance anxiety, mental blocks and a loss of confidence.
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Become one of the many leaders, institutions and companies which have successfully incorporated mental coaching into their workplace culture. We have designed a holistic program which incorporates specific steps and strategies which are based on proven scientific research, and has been utilized with great success among many individuals and institutions. Our Corporate Program can be customized depending on the specific needs of the client upon a company review and functional assessment.
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Supercharge the effectiveness of your team, organizations and projects with Limitless Performance. Our team of professionals are internationally regarded in education, team development, transformational change, athletic performance and development. At the forefront of behavioral performance we combine mental skills training, physiology, wellness, neuroscience and behavioral economics to simplify the complexities of human endeavors.
Our goal is to assist our clients in standing out through quality insight that results in optimal performance and increased self fulfillment.
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Peak performance is no longer considered to be a natural by-product of practice and physical conditioning. In a sport loving society such as ours, the Industry analysts from Plunkett Research Ltd. have estimated that ticket sales and sporting goods generate approximately $410 billion dollars in revenue for the U.S. and Canadian market combined. Naturally this fueled passion for sports has placed a new form of pressure on athletes of all levels to achieve consistent peak performance. As a result experts have come to recognize that the ability to maximize talent and generate an edge that goes beyond being in top physical shape must incorporate mental training. Today nearly every professional sport incorporates mental training. It’s a complex task where art meets science. A challenge that may bloom on the field is possibly rooted unconsciously in absolute solace beneath layers of deeply embedded patterns and potential personal struggles. Or the concern may be far more subtle and will not require in-depth analysis and traditional counseling, such as an athlete who has plateaued and doesn’t believe she can possibly reach the next level no matter the degree of her training, or an athlete whose personal relationships and responsibilities suffer as a result of his devotion to his sport. Embarking on a road to achieving limitless performance begins with a journey of self discovery, where the athletes are assisted in further understanding their own minds and the endless possibilities in developing an array of tools to unlock the potential of the ultimate performer within them.
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