Roberts Gallery

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mahsa Durbano since 2016. My primary interest was initially in mental skills training as it related to my golf game. It has now developed into a combination of sport training and executive coaching. Mahsa has helped me regain my interest and enjoyment in competitive golf and assisted in my performance in that regard as well. I have developed a solid game plan and an on-course routine that has made me more consistent and confident, whether playing competitively or for fun. My executive coaching became important when I faced a number of key decisions regarding my business. Mahsa helped me gain the perspective necessary and the ability to deal with the stress that I was experiencing. I would highly recommend her teaching and training to anyone who is looking to improve in planning and performing in any stressful or challenging situations.”

GVSU Athlete

“Mental coaching has helped me improve my game more than I could have ever hoped. It has helped me gain confidence not only in my golf game but more importantly in myself as a person. It helped me to understand the power of awareness and its affects on my performance. My game has drastically improved since working with Mahsa. She has helped me develop many skills which have lead to more consistency and confidence on the golf course. I will continue to learn from Mahsa and grow as my game progresses into college golf at GVSU.”

Tour Tennis Coach

“Having Mahsa on my team allows me the opportunity to provide maximum coaching to all my athletes, both during the good times and especially during the challenging times.”

Edminton Oliers Prospect

“ Happy to have had Mahsa on the team.  Perspective shapes everything, and as a goalie there is almost nothing more significant than what you choose to see and focus your energy on.”

Brock University Varsity Women’s Rowing

“Mahsa was a great positive influence for me in a time of change in my life. She was very easy to talk to and had a demeanor that made me feel very comfortable opening up. As a Mental Skills Coach she knows that performance in sport is just as much mental as physical. We talked about everything from my rowing career to my friends and family. Mahsa encouraged me to start journaling and it has changed my life. Since the short duration of our sessions my mental health inside and outside of rowing has changed for the better! I would definitely recommend any athlete to see her.”

Committed to Boston College – Tri-City Storm

“The foundation of success in a sport like Hockey exists on many things. Being able to speak, and see outside of your head – and find clarity is the difference between good and great. Thankful to have Mahsa and her guidance.”

Colgate Golf

“Mahsa has been a very important part of my life both on and off the course in recent years. She has helped me to unlock the best competitive version of myself on the golf course, and has always known the perfect formula for success. Mahsa has always gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goals, and I know she will undoubtedly be a part of my journey for years to come.”

Schulich Business Professor

“For someone wanting to improve their outlook and performance, there are many facets available. Mahsa is skilled at understanding the psychology of human development, and her insight and advice helped me steer my thinking toward productive areas and away from the non-productive ones that caused many blocks. I would recommend involving her in any effort to increase golf performance.”

Humber Hawks

“Mental Skills Coach Mahsa Durbano has had a huge positive influence with regards to both my golf game and my life in general since I started my sessions with her. She is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and can relate it to exactly what your personal needs are. Her personal touch and friendly personality makes her really easy to talk to her. During my sessions over the off season we discussed everything from my short game to my parents. Mahsa has helped me to trust myself and trust my golf game giving me new sense of confidence in my day to day life. I have come leaps and bounds in the short time I have been seeing Mahsa and would therefore highly recommend working with her.”

Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs

“The mental side of performance is key to achieving optimal results. Especially within a sport where consistency is what separates the champions from the rest. It’s why one player can dominate one night and be the worst player on the ice the next night. Talent is abundant but the greatest league in the world is full of talented players who are able to think the game at a high level and perform with consistency. As the pace of the game picks up and the plays become sharper, so does their focus. To become elite means to prepare like an elite professional. And those are definitely the key points that we adopted and experienced through our work with Mahsa S Durbano”

Humber Hawks

“Mahsa Durbano has helped me greatly with my overall performance on the golf course but I believe more importantly how I live everyday. I have a better understanding of my tendencies under pressure situations and how to properly cope to maximize performance. I have definitely increased my self belief as an athlete with the help from Mahsa.”

Professor of Sport Psychology ASU

“As a person Mahsa is independent, resourceful, intelligent, conscientious, caring and a joy to work with. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of mental skills coaching and sport is extensive. She has an appreciation for research as well as the applied side of sport and the mental requirements to achieve success. Her background contributes to helping athletes at every level. If Mahsa resided in Phoenix I would not hesitate to hire her to work in my programs. I consider her to be a friend and a colleague.”

Coach, Humber Hawks

“Mahsa’s presence as a mental skills coach has introduced a new wave of understanding! As she has strived to provide all athletes with the opportunity to recognize that they can perform and live to the full of their personal potentials despite all the challenges they may face; and regain the recognition that their idols, who are successful at facing their obstacles, setbacks, doubts and uncertainties were also capable of maintaining a sense of purpose, dedication and passion in the pursuit of their goals.”

Niagra North Stars AAA

“The mental side of sports can be very overwhelming at any level and any age. As a 12 year old its hard to master great focus when juggling school and sports while working hard to achieve new goals and stay competitive while still driven to want more and continue developing your true love and passion. We are so lucky to have found Mahsa and Limitless Performance to help Evan really achieve that much needed focus and guidance to help him achieve his dreams and life goals. Thank you Mahsa.”

Humber Hawks

“I met Masha at the beginning of my final season playing for the Humber College Hawks. She began working with the team and each individual throughout the season. While it was something new to have someone working with me on the mental side of the game, it was something that was definitely worth the time and effort. She helped me in my way of thinking, how to act and react in certain situations, and ultimately allowed me to reach my best. I had my best season as a Hawk and that is something I can directly relate to her coming on board with the team. She is a very knowledgeable individual who had the ability to read and relate to each team member and tailor to their specific needs. She was an asset to have around for the season and although my time at Humber has come and gone I look forward to continuing to work with her on my pursuit of my golfing career.”

Club Captain, Weston Golf & CC 2017

“I was struggling with taking my “range swing” onto the course. Mahsa has shown me how the mental side of golf is critical to reaching my potential on the course and introduced me to several techniques that facilitate reaching this objective. My average score has dropped more than 5 strokes since I started working with her and I know there’s more strokes to be shed using the tools and techniques Mahsa has taught me.”


“There is a difference between being educated and being inspired. The secret of an athlete’s growth and, more in general of people’s growth is in the second one. Mahsa Durbano chooses to inspire. She transforms an audience into active participants and a lesson into an experience. After you leave her class you don’t just have a list of precious notions and very efficient mental techniques in your “toolbox”. You are inspired to leap forward and reach out to your dreams”

Humber Hawks

“In the short time Mahsa and I worked together she made a significant contribution to my golf game that I had been struggling with for years. She quickly helped me identified flaws in my mental game and working extensively with me to help correct them. Results were almost immediate and couldn’t have asked for a more personable, hard working and knowledgeable professional to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve both their mental and physical parts of their game.”

Weston Golf and Country Club

“Over the past several years I have invested a lot of time, money and effort in improving my game. While lessons have absolutely helped, I continued to struggle with on-course challenges and non-golf stresses that impacted my golf game, mindset and perspective. Mahsa, through her performance and golf coaching, has helped me to refocus my game and outlook. This has benefited not only my golf performance, but my mindfulness at work and home as well. In the end, the proof is in the results and I credit Masha and her mental game coaching for helping me win a few big events this year. Whether looking to improve your game or get to the next level, I highly recommend Mahsa as someone who can help you reach your goals.”

Founder, FEFA

“Mahsa is an excellent writer who creates interesting and engaging content for our readers and competitors. She provides effective strategies and solutions for athletes suffering from performance anxiety, stage fright and other issues during competition and training leading up to events, increasing confidence and self-belief to perform at their best”