Mental Performance Training

Mental Performance Training  provides the tools to improve your attitude and mental game in order to perform at your best. The program works on identifying limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy about your sport.
Our goal is to address mental and emotional challenges that may be impacting a team, institution or individual, and improve the overall well-being, health, and more specifically the ability to perform at full potential. In today’s world athletes are faced with many pressures and therefore naturally face performance anxiety, mental blocks and a loss of confidence.



Individual training sessions are targeted at assisting athletes in improving their mental skills and establishing a mentally tougher self. Our goal is to address cognitive and emotional challenges that may be impacting their overall well-being, health, and more specifically their ability to perform at their full potential in their sport. In today’s world athletes are faced with too many pressure’s and therefore naturally face performance anxiety, mental blocks and a loss of confidence.

Services can include on-course review of game.


An essential part of a athlete’s ability to reach peak performance is determined by the level of support they receive from their home environment. Parent training is extremely important in cases of over involvement, a loss of perspective, and internal confrontations leading to a deteriorated athletic performance. Furthermore coaching can assist in challenging circumstance where the athlete is dealing with serious challenges that can hinder both their ability to engage in their sport of choice and live a healthy mental life.



Individual One-on-One consultation sessions for coaches can assist with gaining new perspective and further knowledge on supporting athletes who may be experiencing emotional or performance challenges and more. Consultation is also personally beneficial in improving their own coaching style from a mental skills stand point.

Common topics:
How do I handle the un-coachable athlete? How do I motivate my players? How should I deal with problems relating to parents?
How do I manage the athlete who does better in practice than at tournaments?



Recovering from Injury? An athlete’s life can be significantly impacted by an injury. Higher levels of stress, negative thinking, a loss of identity, a change in mood, a regressed sense of confidence and motivation, a loss of satisfaction with their sport and a fear of re-engaging are just some of the common mental stresses associated with injury. Meeting with a mental skills coach can help tremendously in supporting in the rehabilitation process, boosting mood, and assisting and educating in overcoming the mental challenges that are unique to injury. Feelings of frustration, fatigue, and an overall negative range of emotions are normal and to be expected in the recovery process. Learning the mental tools and techniques necessary to optimize your strongest self during such challenges is key in becoming more resilient and reducing recovery time. Sport injury rehabilitation is 75% mental and 25% physiological (Hershman, Nicholas & Thompson, 1990).


What set’s “Good” apart from “Great” within a team setting is the ability to obtain and utilize all the resources available to establish a competitive edge. A mental skills coach (on a full time or part time basis) can serve as the key ingredient in achieving the optimal mental health necessary for delivering peak performance. Working as a consultant on a team setting, regardless of the domain or level, can provide and develop the appropriate techniques and tools necessary to deliver the highest plane of integrity, knowledge, skills and abilities to efficiently perform under pressure.

A consultant can be contracted for individual team workshops, part-time basis or season long integrated team performance development.


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Attain peak performance through Skype sessions! While traditional mental coaching sessions are considered to be most ideal in attaining the qualities for peak performance, connecting through Skype is a great alternative for travelling athletes and clients who reside abroad.