Limitless Performance offers a variety of keynote addresses, lectures, and workshops for athletes, parents, coaches, and educators. With presentations that are engaging, informative, practical, and interactive, we customize our lecture to the unique needs of each audience. While we specialize in producing presentations customized to any topic of interest relating to the mental side of performance, here are our most requested topics:



Psychology of Champion Athletes

Drawing on our own elite athletic experience and consulting with professional, Olympic, and junior-elite athletes, our team will show attendees the importance of mental preparation for sports performance, regardless of the age or ability level of the athlete or the sport being played. This workshop will focus on six mental factors that most influence performance: motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, emotions, and mindset. Describing the essential role these factors play in both training and competition. While also touching on simple and practical mental skills that athletes can use to strengthen these areas, including goal setting, positive self-talk, progressive relaxation, keywords, and how they can be incorporated directly into their practice sessions and competitive preparations.


The Attitudes That Make or Break Athletes

This workshop explores 8 essential attitudes that act as the foundation for successful athletic performance. These attitudes impact their thoughts, emotions, behavior, and physiology, while also influencing an athletes’ ability to engage in quality practice and effective preparation to perform successfully in competition.   Together we will explore these 8 essential attitudes, define them, and discuss how they can be applied to all aspects to your performance.


The importance of Imagery and Routines utilized by professional athletes

Though all world-class and professional athletes have different ways of preparing for training and competition, there are two mental skills that they all use: mental imagery and routines. This workshop will show athletes and coaches the power of these two techniques to ensure total preparation for training and competitions. Together we will explore how to maximize the value of imagery, routines, and how to incorporate them into an athletes training and competitive endeavours.


 Developing the Coach/Athlete relationship

This interactive workshop providesa wide range of  tools to assist coaches and their athletes in achieving optimal preparation for training and competition.  Topics of exploration include building a positive and motivated team culture, understanding individual athlete’s mental and emotional needs, and using this information to create a focused environment tailored to each individuals learning style.  Coaches will leave this workshop with practical insights and useful tools to maximize athletic performance within their team.