Dr. Debbie Crews

• LPGA Master Instructor who currently serves on the LPGA National Education and Research Board since 1997
• Sport Psychologist to the Arizona State University (ASU) men’s and women’s golf teams since 1979
• Voted a Top 50 LPGA Instructor by Golf Digest
• Received the first “Best in Science” award from Golf Magazine
• Editor for the International Journal of Golf Science
• Serves as Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf
• Author of books including:   Golf: Energy in Motion, which has become required reading as deemed by the LPGA, and The Science of Golf and Life, which was written alongside Dr. Candace Pert.   Her research has been published in numerous scientific journals and also in popular golf magazines (Golf  Magazine, Golf Digest).
• Founder and Director of Opti Brain. Based on 30+ years of research, the system
• 2012 LPGA Central Section Professional of the Year
• 2011 Ellen Griffin Excellence in Teaching Award
• 2012 Golf Digest Top Teachers in Arizona

B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, M.S. and Ph.D. from ASU.