Dr. Debbie Crews

President/CEO of Opti Brain and Co-Director of the Better Your Best and Mind Gym programs. With a rich history spanning 35+ years of research and applied Sports Psychology, Dr. Crews has created systems designed to improve performance in a variety of arenas. She has collected an immense amount of data from golfers and archers. Over time, her work has expanded to include bowling, basketball, baseball, education, special needs populations (AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorder) and the military.
Dr. Crews’ science accomplishments include serving as being Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf, initiating the golf research journal “International Journal of Golf Science”. and receiving the Best Science in Golf award from Golf Magazine. Debbie has received two patents: an original golf putter design and the Opti Brain feedback training system.
A respected golf instructor, Debbie is a Master Professional for the LPGA and has received numerous awards; including but not limited to the Ellen Griffin Excellence in Teaching, Golf for Women Top 50 Teacher, Golf Digest Top Female Teachers, and was recently inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame. Debbie continues to research and assist athletes to “Better Your Best” performance.