Mahsa S. Durbano

Sport Performance Psych. Consultant

Mahsa’s desire is to empower athletes of all levels to make lasting changes, not just for enhanced performance but for a better life. Unlocking the treasure of human potential and embarking on a journey of uncovering unique strengths, breaking down self-enforced limitations, tailoring the ultimate performance plan, mastering precise focus, and achieving measurable and targeted goals, even in the face of the most unexpected and complex challenges.

She works closely with athletes of all ages and abilities in helping them perform to their full potential. Mahsa is passionate about the development of both novice and professional athletes and understand the importance of supporting the performer, their parents and coaches in reaching their goals and navigating the world of competitive sports. She is especially keen on high level competitive golf and hockey, working closely with top-ranked athletes actively involved in high level tournaments, preparing for qualifiers and aspiring to, or participating in national level teams and the PGA tour.

Ultimately Mahsa’s goal is to assist athletes within all sports in achieving and sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle with the appropriate principles and techniques necessary to achieve limitless performance.

MA Clinical Psychology ( Specialization in Performance)


BA Honors English Lit. & Creative Writing